Fixing Audi odometer

Repairing Audi / Vw / Volvo odometer by replacing planetary gear

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Some Audi, VW and Volvo cars manufactured around the nineties have a common odometer issue: the counters (both total and daily) stop, while the speedometer is still working.

The culprit is a small, rubbery planetary gear, which usually deteriorates after twenty-some years and starts to loose its teeth:

This little bastard is so mushy, that you could cut in half with your nail. No wonder it did not work anymore...

Replacing this little planetary gear is simple, it can be easily found inside the odometer (screws to undo are marked with arrows).

The most complicated in the whole process is removing the needle.
If it has a stopper pin, gently lift the needle over it so it can rest. Now observe its position so you can put it back properly. This odometer on the picture (from a '93 Audi 100) did not have such stopper pin.

You may have to apply unreasonable force to pull off the needle - this is normal. Don't worry, it will not break, nor will its shaft, as long as you don't bend the whole thing - just pull. The little black "hat" will probably break off, but you can glue it back easily later - until that, it lets you have a better grip on the needle to pull off.

Be careful during removing the needle, and also when undoing the black label screws - a slipping screwdriver can leave a nasty mark on your dial.

After undoing the screws that fix the PCB and stepper motor to the odometer body, just carefully bend the whole PCB to the side and finally meet the planetary gearset.

For installing the new gears, you won't need any lubricants, as there's no high load (the RPM is low, and also the torque of the stepper motor).

Now just put it together again in reverse order. When assembling the planetary gearset, be careful, because improper alignment may cause the gears to lock and not count, despite the new gear. (Unless you want to disassemble the whole thing again, just for the fun of it :)

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